Easter Special meetings

1. Good Friday Special    Gospel message "Here's the Hope of Victory!"
     3 April  3:00-5:00 pm  
     Kay Poh Road Baptist Church Sanctuary (2F)
     Gospel Fula: presented by Meiko Nakano
2. How to have better Family Relations.
    4 April  2:00-4:00pm 
    Kay Poh Road Baptist Church Fellowship Hall (1F)

3. Easter Worship Service
    5 April  4:00-6:00pm
    Choir, Chilren's message and Rev.Nakano's Easter message

Simultaneous interpretation service (Japanese to English) will be provided for each meeting.

Children's program will be provided along with 3rd April and 5th April programs.

You are all welcome!

For more information please contact : 81338092  or ijcs.church@gmail.com


Poplar Library

Every 2nd and 4th friday, Poplar Library is open to children
and mothers who speak Japanese.
Poplar library holds nearly 2000 Japanese children's story books.
Every time, Poplar Library staff prepares story telling time from 4:00pm-4:30pm.
We emphasize the seasons and Japanese traditional events each time.
For more information see website (sorry in Japanese only)


New Year BBQ

We enjoyed IJCS 2015 first BBQ
on 3 January.
This BBQ included Rev.Han family's farewell.
They will return to Korea and then have a desire
to move to Japan to share Gospel in Japan.
They served IJCS so humbly the past 10 years. 
                  Sis.L is a seminary student from China.  IJCS kids love her.
                           This BBQ represents many different nationalities.

                         Kids enjoyed swimming though the swimming pool
                             in Japan was frozen at the beginning of January.

                          We plan to have BBQ occasionally the year of 2015.
                              You are welcome to join this international BBQ!