Japan Mission trip 2017

We recently had Japan mission trip. We visited two churches in Yamanashi and one church in Hamamatsu.  We also had IJCS reunion with returnees. We have close relations with Japanese churches in Japan.

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  1. Good evening IJCS,

    my name is Isaac and it seems that i have taken interest in your blog posts.

    It is funny how i manage to find this website, i am currently going on a Study Trip to Japan and i am too a Christian. So i decided to find to see if there are any Japanese churches because, the number shows that only 0.2% of Japan are Christians from many denominations. I was just searching the various churches in Singapore and to my surprise, there actually a Japanese church in Singapore!

    Unfortunately, i do not know much Japanese except the ones i watch in Anime, hence i am writing in English, haha!

    I look forward to more blog posts from you. My prayers are with you. May the good Lord bless you, the pastors, the members and the church!

    - Isaac (Riverlife)